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Welcome to Holy Mission International School, Lehragaga, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab, India. - About The School

Far from the Madding-Crowd, Holy Mission International School is a milestone in the field of education conceived by Holy Mission Educational & Charitable Society, Lehragaga, Distt. Sangrur (Punjab) under the able supervision, guidance and dynamic leadership of renowned academicians. The school, with its campus at Khai Road, Lehragaga is fast becoming a unique place for concrete grounding in skills and knowledge to provide a foundation for an outstanding educational career. The school has multi-storey building which consists of well lighted, well ventilated class rooms, Administrative Office, Spacious Library, Well Equipped Labs, Multipurpose Hall etc. with excellent facilities. The school is privileged to have a team of dedicated and result oriented teachers who make all sorts of possible efforts to see that teaching and learning goes simultaneously. Keeping in mind, the need for all-round development of students, there is a provision of indoor and outdoor games for them. To create the needed awareness in the students, regarding the social evils in particular, working with the community is the regular feature of the school program. In all, every effort is made to provide education which makes the students physically fit, mentally balanced, emotionally stable, intellectually expanded, morally enlightened, spiritually sound, religiously conscientious, aesthetically awakened, personally adjusted, professionally proficient, socially sharp, nationally responsible and internationally sought after thus giving a practical shape to the often quoted saying that Education is not merely a Training for Living, but also a Preparation for Life.

The school takes initiative in imparting Education with a deep and visible commitment to excellence in education . We believe in education that does not hammer the child into a specific shape but allows the child to grow and blossom in accordance with the innate potential and at his/her own pace. We envisage a system which aims at a multifaceted flowering of the child’s physical , emotional, mental and spiritual personality. Our endeavor is to impart education that goes beyond the parameters of formal schooling and prepares pupils to face life’s realities and take their rightful place in the modern world.
Education at Holy Mission International School includes Relaxation, Regulation and Respiration of mind, body and soul. "Happiness is the state of mind at Holy Mission International School.

The motto 'Achieve to Excel, Excel to Achieve' is a truly befitting compliment to the untiring efforts made by the management.


School is a 'Temple of Learning'. It is a place where all children grow, not just in size, not even in knowledge, but in courage, curiosity, independence, resourcefulness, perseverance and competence. And education is the means to the answer of all questions.

HMIS is a well-designed architectural marvel with adequate open space for children to feel 'free and liberated' and an aesthetically designed campus with ample landscapes clubbed with amenities of international standards, an ideal location to pursue quality learning. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet the demand in grooming global citizens.

Welcome to Holy Mission International School, a highly progressive and enterprising school pledged to provide quality education with great emphasis on traditional values. At HMIS, we are re-inventing education by breaking old moulds of thought. This progressive thinking has led to progressive teaching methods and brought about a tremendous change in how education is imparted.

The opportunities presented during the childhood years are essentially of prime importance in the overall scheme of imparting value based education to the young and it will impinge on the final outcome. The success of a school should not be counted by the quantity of the students it is able to produce per annum, but in the quality of the scholarship being imparted by it and its impact on the students. Generally, school is the place where children are sent to for the purpose of learning the fundamentals and gather knowledge. It is the responsibility of the educators to ensure that the children have the ideal setting to do so successfully.

Parents also have a duty to evaluate the institution in which they wish to place their children because that single decision will have an impact on the child's future performance in life. We are presenting our credentials here briefly, and request you visit our campus for more detailed information. You can feel free to contact us for any assistance or to clarify your doubts.


v  The School aims to provide modern all-round education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance and co-operation. Striving for excellence in every field will be encouraged.

v  Maximum opportunities will be provided in the campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities. Special efforts will be made to identify any special ability and talent that the child may have.

v  The medium of instruction is English. English is the first language.


The application of technology in education has opened doors to a whole new world of learning where a click of mouse, a touch of a finger or new vision can do wonders with  a positive influence on learning strategies and outcomes. With impetus on providing quality education and creating world-class leaders, the focus in education has now shifted from traditional teaching to transformation of classrooms into centres of learning (i.e. Smart Classrooms) where learners as well as educators become adept in using and mastering technology as a tool for teaching and learning.

Regardless of the institutional approach utilized, the purpose of technology in education is to prepare students to become technologically literate citizens. For this, attitude towards technology needs to be developed in the field of education to enhance the quality of learning outcomes by providing an opportunity to the students for independent and self-paced learning. The prospective students and teacher educators need to be sensitized towards technology for ensuring effective communication, interaction, improved learning environment and to keep the students abreast of the changing scenario in higher education, so as to keep them paced with the technological developments in the field of education. One of the goals of higher education is to enable the students and teacher educators to understand, control and use this technology. For training them to use this technology, it becomes apparent that the attitude of students and teacher educators should be assessed and requisite attitude towards technology should be developed, thereby emphasizing its importance for teacher educators. Also, the users need to be regularly apprised of the innovations in educational technology for facilitating and improving teaching-learning process in different disciplines.

In short, the need of the hour is to shift from remembering to understanding, accepting to questioning and reading to reflecting. Students need to understand basic concepts, but they also need to think, reflect and enquire. Our programmes are designed to achieve the same.


The medium of instruction of this school is English. A special emphasis is laid on spoken English develop a habit of unreflective right utterance among the students. It is achieved by adopting English as the spoken language of the school as well as by providing special syllabus and periods in the daily routine for conversational English. To asses the progress made and the standards achieved, the students are examined biannually.

To augment this, it is insisted that all the teachers are very well versed and proficient in the art of conversation in English Language.


The school curriculum is based on the educational needs of the students within the requirements of the C.B.S.E board examinations. Strictly based on CCE, the curriculum aims to promote a comprehensive educational programme, which shall equip the students with thorough knowledge and strong values. It also aims at instilling confidence in the students to face their Board examination effectively. The syllabus for each class is carefully planned to ensure that the student acquires a sound knowledge of basic concepts in all the subjects.

The learning process is further enriched by the teacher-designed worksheets, which are regularly provided to the students. Besides, the visual medium also forms an integral part of the curriculum to enhance student learning.

The school curriculum includes subjects ranging from English, Hindi and Computer to Physical Education, Music and Art. Besides, the curriculum for classes includes General Knowledge and Moral Science too.


Although English is stressed upon, Hindi as a national language and Punjabi as a state language get due importance. Teaching is carried out with Modern Teaching Aids, Charts, Slides, T.V., Cassettes, CDs and computers. The weight of the satchel is reduced. The students are not burdened with heavy home task. Play way method is employed for making the learning interesting. The role of a teacher is of a good guide and best friend.


v  To nurture a sense of belonging that begins in school and lasts a lifetime.

v  To help students develop a pace they continue on unimpeded by others.

v  To develop sensitivity for beauty, a taste and feeling that will bring joy and happiness for the World. Foster in all students a keen interest in striving for the highest level of achievements.

v  Maintain frequent and open relationship with parents in recognition that education is a partnership.


It is said that the social and emotional environment is an invisible teacher. Children react to the environment which is a composite of many factors and particular aspects of the environment effect changes in particular areas of the cognitive development at certain critical points in time and it plays a crucial and influential role in the cognitive development process of the child. These environmental factors provide a richly structured milieu of experiences, which affects the child in a far reaching manner, and they might shape and determine many of the child's personal preferences, habits etc., and will consciously or sub-consciously influence many of their behaviours and actions. We are all well aware of the fact that cognitive development normally and naturally takes place within an environment; therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on shaping the school's environment to be 'child-friendly' and 'child-centric'. Such a nurturing environment will enhance their experience and exposure and also will help to increase their self-worth.

At this school, the environment in which 'learning' occurs is scientifically planned and specially created to achieve the stated objectives and the desired goals, sparing no expenses. The emphasis will be on providing an uplifting 'social and academic' environment in which the child can grow, be taught and learn the relevance of, and respect for, all things in life.


The school lays stress on co-curricular activities so as to make the students competent and self confident. 3 to 6 periods a week are devoted to these activities. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in games. Quiz, debates', declamation, essay-writing competition, poem recitation, dance and drama competitions are held periodically.


The school is to be affiliated to the C.B.S.E., New Delhi.

Admission & Admission Procedure

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