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Welcome to Holy Mission International School, Lehragaga, Punjab.  - REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSION


Preference for admission is given to those students whose names have already been registered. A child can be got registered with the school for admission between March and commencement of academic session of every year. Registration is highly appreciated as it helps the school in planning.


The students are admitted to the school on the basis of admission test to be conducted by the school. The new session begins in April. The qualifying admission test is given according to the mental level of the child. The Date of birth certificate must be attached with the admission form.

Age eligibility (As on 1st April of the academic session for which admission is sought)
(A) Playgroup – 2  ½ years
(B) Nursery - 3 ½ years
(C) Prep. - 4 ½ years
(D) Class I - 5 ½ years
(E) Class II onwards - on the basis of previous class
Age Eligibility (As on 1st April of the academic session for which admission is sought)


The fees will be paid bimonthly from 1st to 10th of month due for the fee. Management has also decided to extend facility to those parents who want to deposit it annually or half-yearly in advance.

The unique code issued to every student must be memorized to parents while seeking any information about their ward. Students who fail to deposit their fees by due date will be charged Rs.10/- as late fee charges. If they fail to deposit the fee 30 days over than due date their name will be struck off from the school rolls.


The school follows CCE pattern of on-going assessment as per guidelines of CBSE. Apart from regular class tests, a student underegoes two examinations in the academic year. The result of each of the these exams are reported to the parents in a progress report card.

                   1st Term                 -        April to September

                   2nd Term                -        October to March


                             Summer                 11th June to 15th July

                             Winter                    25th Dec. to 1st Jan.


                             1st Feb to 30 April    8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

                             1st May to 31 Aug     7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

                             2nd Sept to 30 Nov   8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

                             1st Dec to 31 Jan      9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Age eligibility (As on 1st April of the academic session for which admission is sought) -

          (A)     Playgroup  2 years

          (B)     Nursery - 3 years

          (C)     K.G. - 4 years

          (D)     Class I - 5 years

          (E)      Class II onwards - on the basis of previous class


The students who have registered in class will have to appear for an admission test (for class III onwards), which may be written or oral as laid down by the School for different levels. The test will be held for English, Hindi, Mathematics and/or any other subject which may be considered necessary.

          (A)     The selection of the candidates will depend upon the student's performance in the test/ interview and availability of

                   seats in the concerned class.

          (B)     Assessment of the student for admission is also based on the following factors:

                   ü   Academic readiness and motivation

                   ü    Social and emotional development

                   ü     Family co-operation in working with the school and meeting the needs of the students

                   ü    Ability of the school to serve the needs of the student.

          (C)   The date of the result of the interview & the last date for the submission of fee will be specified at the time

                 of the test/interview.

          (D)   Based on the admission test and other criteria, the School reserves the right to admit any student who is found

                 fit for admission or refuse admission without assigning any reason. For all matters related to admissions, the decision

                 of the Principal/Management will be final.


Students offered admission must complete the following formalities before joining, or the offer will stand cancelled and the seat

will be passed on to the next student in the 'Waiting List'.

          ü    Submission of the evidence of date of birth, if not yet given.

          ü    Evidence of passing the last class or promotion to present class, if applicable.

          ü    Original Transfer Certificate/ SLC from the previous school, which should be a recognized school, affiliated to the All India

              Board or a State Board of Education. Transfer Certificates have to be signed by DEO if transferred from other states.

          ü    1 Passport size Photograph of the student, his father & mother.

          ü    In case a boarder is adopted, parents will have to produce attested copy of the adoption certificate issued by the

             competent authority. In case of divorce/separation, the parent who is admitting the boarder will have to produce copy

             of custody of child certificate issued by the competent law officer.


Our Admission Team is ready to work with you on processing your child's application to HMIS and get you started on their path to success. If questions should arise pertaining to any of the admission policies or procedures, please do not hesitate to call the Principal

Admission to HMIS implies on the part of student and parents willingness to comply with the requirements, rules and regulations of the school.

  Please contact our school numbers for the better career of your child.
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