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Welcome to Holy Mission International School, Lehragaga, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab.  - CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES


An equal and paramount importance is given to extra-curricular activities to achieve an all-round personality development of the students. Besides the inter-house activities the students are encouraged and motivated to participate in various other activities related to music, dance, art and sport. The students are also made to participate in inter-school competitions, which range from debates and quizzing to music and sports etc.

The sports segment is efficiently managed by the physical instructors who impart a comprehensive physical education programme. The school takes pride in involving itself in varied sport activities like table tennis, volleyball, badminton etc. Besides, the school has a coach specialist in Judo who imparts skills related to the Martial art to the students of our school.


Besides, activities swing into full force to nurture the inherent talents of the students. The wide spectrum of activities range as follows:

ü  Science & Environment

ü  Computer

ü  Mathematics

ü  Personality Development

ü  Table Tennis

ü  Yoga

ü  Quiz

ü  Art & Craft

ü  Dance

ü  Music

ü  Karate

ü  Sports etc.

Each student is allotted the activity of his/her choice as per his/her aptitude and talent. This gives a first hand opportunity for the student to realize his innate ability besides academics. This also contributes immensely to boosting the confidence of a student whose academics may not be his /her forte. 

Special Assemblies play a multiple role in catering to the growth of the students. During these assemblies, relevant topics are chosen to create awareness amongst students and talk shows are conducted to drive home the message in an emphatic manner. Also amidst rapid westernization, these assemblies strive to invoke the richness of our culture and tradition through dance, drama and skits.


The entire school is divided into 4 houses. Each student is allotted a house at the time of joining the school and inter-house activities form an integral part of the school calendar.  To inculcate a spirit of competition among students, each house is also assigned with duties on a weekly basis, which cater to the discipline of the school, news-reading and hosting of functions pertaining to religious as well as national festivals. Each houses has been assigned a colour & week on duty month for general cleanliness and other activities in the school.

Inter house competitions in Debates, Dramas, Sports, Painting, School Beautification, Sanitation, Cleanliness and discipline are held as per schedule given in the school calendar. In fact, this competition forms the very basis of the texture of schools like this.


To nurture special talent in students, they are encouraged to join clubs (any of a large number of special activity clubs) like - Swimming, Yoga, Karate, Athletics, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Foreign Languages, Cookery, Art & Craft, Modern Dance, Vocal Music, Performing Arts, Explorations, Literacy Mission, Environment, Interact Club etc.


At HMIS, scholastic excellence goes hand in hand with character building. A strong emphasis on values and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds. Further, the school celebrates most festivals in the traditional way which develops an appreciation for diverse cultures and inculcates sound moral values by imbibing the best of all cultures and religions. In addition, students are encouraged to take initiative, be original, honest, to believe in themselves and to work independently and honestly.

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